Soothing Post Partum Depression

This group treatment is for expecting mothers, new mothers and mothers who have been diagnosed with PDD. This group treatment aims to assist in the prevention and exacerbation of postpartum distress (PPD) using principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) while facilitating the formation of a support group and preparing expecting mothers for the psychological realities of the post partum period, sharing of thoughts from new mothers and PDD mothers.

Duration: 10 weeks

Frequency: 1 x 90minute session per week

Maximum participants: 10

Cost: $40 per week*

Enrolments in these group therapy programs are essential. Please contact All Round Wellness to enrol and enquire about the program start dates.

*A GP Mental Health Care Plan will make you eligible for a medicare rebate of $25.80 for 10 sessions per calendar year.